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Evravon H

Sifu Delgado taught me Kajukenbo when I was in high school, from 2000-2003. The lessons he taught me have stuck with me my entire life. He used to tell us how his fighting style helped his former students who joined the military, and I always thought it was just bragging, but then I went and joined the US Army in 2006 as an MP and it was true. My muscle memory and reflexes were still ingrained in me. I had been wanting to tell him about this since then, but I never knew how to get ahold of him, since I moved away from Vallejo. I'd love to speak with him again and thank him for guiding me and not giving up on me when I was an angsty teenager.

Rose V.

Pretty sure this is the group we ran into at a competition in San Jose. We came without a dojo and they took my boy under their wing. They were really impressive in the way they cheered each other on, running from ring to ring to support each other. They were also a little scary, in a good way, in how intense they were. I wouldn't hesitate to send my boys there if we lived in the area.

Jason K.

Highly recommended for toddlers. Other martial arts classes expect a four year old to already be focused. This one actually gives individual attention to help my son get focused. Instructor also asked if he was having issues at preschool to let him know so he can help work with him. Can't wait till he earns his first belt.