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About Our Business

Delgado's Martial Arts is located in Vallejo, California at 1422 Springs Road. The Chief Instructor and founder of our school, Sifu Ray Delgado, has over 40 years of martial arts training and has been teaching martial arts to people from all walks of life for 35 years and counting with the support of his wife and Program Director, Debbie Delgado. Our family-owned karate school has served the Vallejo community since 1987 and has generated a legacy of respect, support and skill-building through our karate classes.

Since day one, we have been completely dedicated to our students, working with them to help them achieve their goals and grow as individuals, no matter their age. Self-defense classes have the potential to be life-changing for children, teens, adults, and seniors alike. At our karate school, we’re passionate about the benefits and outcomes of martial arts and want to share our craft with the community! We’re extremely family-oriented and offer martial arts classes for children as young as three. Each age group is taught separately to help you feel comfortable, regardless of your starting skill level or abilities. We offer a variety of karate classes built to accommodate a wide range of skill levels and age groups. Whether you’re interested in improving your health and fitness, building confidence or strengthening your self-defense skills, our expertly trained instructors will help you grow in our friendly and versatile learning environment.

Instructor Sam Austin, who has studied under Sifu Ray for more than 18 years, proudly holds the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt. Instructor Mikey Rodriguez ... . Together with Instructor Sam and Instructor Mikey, Sifu Ray guides students of all backgrounds and ages through the physical and mental challenges that come with developing martial arts skills, as well as the challenges we face in developing ourselves to the maximum of our potential in day to day life. At Delgado’s Martial Arts, we invite men, women and children across the entire Bay Area, to hone longstanding traditions and skills through expertly taught self-defense classes. Here at our school, we offer a martial arts program built for every age and skill level, so everyone can enjoy the stress-relieving and confidence-boosting benefits of karate. Looking for only the best karate schools in the area? We have you covered!

Instructor/Owner Raymond Delgado

Sifu Ray Delgado was born in Stockton, California French Camp in 1949. He started training in martial arts with Wolf Hillesheim where he stayed until he earned his Purple/Blue Belt in Kenpo Karate. In 1967 Sifu Ray received his diploma from Richmond High School. After that he pursued higher education at Contra Costa College. In this time, he met his best friend and forever partner, Deborah Gonzales. They married in 1971, where they became Mr. and Mrs. Delgado. Before he could complete his degree, he was conscripted into the US Army in October of 1971. In November of 1971 they had a son, Raymond Delgado III. After his time in the Army, Sifu Ray Delgado joined the US National Guard. In March of 1976, Sifu Ray and Miss Debbie had their second child together, a daughter who they named Lisa. After 6 years of service, his time in the National Guard ended, and Mr. Delgado went on to join the Owen Illinois glass company as a supervisor, managing a crew of 12. While working there, he took up training in martial arts again, this time with Sifu Eddie Solis in 1980. Ray Delgado pursued and achieved his Black Belt in Kajukenbo with Sifu Eddie after 5 years of vigorous and highly motivated training. In 1987, while still working at Owen Illinois, Sifu Ray Delgado opened his own karate school, Delgado’s Martial Arts. In 1990, after 16 years, Sifu Ray would leave Owen Illinois to pursue his dreams, and fully dedicate himself to Delgado’s Martial Arts. In 2001 Sifu Ray, at the time holding the rank of Third Degree Black Belt, would seek further training with Sifu Bill Owens, practicing the Blossom Fist System. Sifu Ray has been training under Sifu Owens ever since, and has worked his way up to Seventh Degree Black Belt in that time. Sifu Ray’s greatest joy in life is the knowledge that his training and development allows him the ability to help develop and grow his students in multiple aspects of life and martial arts. His training methods and the impact he has on his students have left their mark on multiple generations of successful and happy students.

Why Choose Delgado's Martial Arts?

Dedicated and Expert Instructors

Our Instructors have been trained and tutored by Sifu Ray himself to be masters not only at martial arts, but also at teaching. Not all great martial artists are great teachers, but every single Instructor at Delgado's Martial Arts is the best at what they do. We hone in on the individual strengths, weaknesses, and needs of each student to foster the perfect environment for men, women, and children to become the best they can be, and cultivate the inner and outer strength they need to overcome any obstacle in life.

Develop Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Discipline!

By training in martial arts and learning to defend ones self, we also learn to appreciate and value ourselves. Martial arts is more than punching and kicking. At Delgado's Martial Arts, mental health and physical health are equally important and go hand in hand with one another. By teaching our students to value themselves, we also instill self confidence and a strong sense of right and wrong. Join Delgado's Martial Arts to develop self confidence and become a leader starting today.

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members Say About Our Programs

Rose V.

Pretty sure this is the group we ran into at a competition in San Jose. We came without a dojo and they took my boy under their wing. They were really impressive in the way they cheered each other on, running from ring to ring to support each other. They were also a little scary, in a good way, in how intense they were. I wouldn't hesitate to send my boys there if we lived in the area.

Jason K.

Highly recommended for toddlers. Other martial arts classes expect a four year old to already be focused. This one actually gives individual attention to help my son get focused. Instructor also asked if he was having issues at preschool to let him know so he can help work with him. Can't wait till he earns his first belt.

Evravon H

Sifu Delgado taught me Kajukenbo when I was in high school, from 2000-2003. The lessons he taught me have stuck with me my entire life. He used to tell us how his fighting style helped his former students who joined the military, and I always thought it was just bragging, but then I went and joined the US Army in 2006 as an MP and it was true. My muscle memory and reflexes were still ingrained in me. I had been wanting to tell him about this since then, but I never knew how to get ahold of him, since I moved away from Vallejo. I'd love to speak with him again and thank him for guiding me and not giving up on me when I was an angsty teenager.