Senior 50+ Classes in Vallejo, CA

Older adults can benefit from martial arts training in many of the same ways as children and young adults, which is why Delgado’s Martial Arts offers programs for adults aged 50 and older. These classes in Vallejo, CA, are taught slightly differently from our traditional adult classes to accommodate for varying health and stamina levels.



Health-Focused Martial Arts Programs

We guarantee our senior students will still learn and enjoy these programs just as much as the others do! For our students from Vallejo, Crockett, and the San Francisco Bay Area, CA aged 50 and older, we’ve designed a program that incorporates both technique advancement and health and fitness improvement. Through an emphasis on cardio-based movements and other stamina-building exercises, we will help you stay active and improve your flexibility while also exploring the disciplined and skillful nature of martial arts.

  • We also teach self-defense techniques in our senior programs, helping you build confidence and feel secure in your personal safety. What we teach you today might save your life tomorrow! Our program techniques are natural, easy to learn and accessible to all students, young or old.


Our 50+ program is perfect for older adults who want to improve their self-defense skills, engage in a more unique fitness regimen or experience a fun, stress-relieving activity to fill their time after they retire.
No matter why you join us, we guarantee you’ll have a great time learning, socializing and improving during each class.
And, we’re sure you’ll forge great new friendships along the way as you support your peers through challenges and achievements.

Encouraging, Fun Martial Arts for Seniors

Are you interested in learning more about martial arts in a peaceful, encouraging atmosphere?
Contact us at 707-643-7778 today to inquire about our karate classes for kids and Japanese stick fighting programs for older adults! We look forward to meeting you!