Japanese Stick Fighting & More in Vallejo, CA

In addition to our wide range of age-based classes, Delgado’s Martial Arts also offers a number of other classes to teach you brand-new skills and expand your horizons. As a dojo in Vallejo, CA, we pride ourselves on the breadth of skills and experiences we can offer students of all ages. Turn to us if you are interested in things like Japanese stick fighting or other forms of martial arts.



Weapons Training

Learning to fight and defend yourself using sticks is a practical form of martial arts that has many real-life applications. Because we want to train our students to the highest degree possible, we offer classes in Japanese stick fighting in Vallejo, CA.

  • In our weapons training classes, you will learn how to protect yourself using sticks and defend against a stick attack through exercises and sparring with classmates.

Other Martial Arts

Capoeira Jiu-jitsu:
Capoeira and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are two similar forms of martial arts that originated in Brazil. Both forms of the sport are centered on forcing an opponent into submission. Jiu-jitsu uses chokeholds and other gentle positions, while capoeira does not make contact at all.
Kung Fu:
Kung Fu refers to Chinese martial arts, which encompasses a wide range of fighting styles that differ slightly from Chinese martial arts.
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA):
Mixed martial arts for kids and adults is a popular full-contact sport that includes both martial and non-martial techniques, including striking and grappling. Those practicing MMA tend to pursue a variety of stylistic skills during training.

Learn from Our Highly Trained Instructors

Whether you are interested in learning MMA or Japanese stick fighting in Vallejo, Crockett, and the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, now is the time to enroll in our karate classes for kids, adults, and like! Contact us today at 707-643-7778.