Kids Martial Arts Class (Mitey Mites)

Delgado’s Martial Arts is dedicated to sharing the craft of martial arts to everyone—even toddlers! Our Mitey Mites self-defense program in Vallejo, CA, is designed for children ages 3 to 5 and focuses on the basics of balance and coordination.

Martial Arts for Kids

Although very young children may not have the attention span required to learn standard martial arts skills, they can still begin to learn the foundations of coordination, balance and focus. Our Mitey Mites program teaches these skills and more to prepare them for a successful future!

  • Your child will be taught how to distinguish from left to right and the foundations of balance, agility, discipline and coordination. Our trained instructors lead activities that help children develop physically, mentally and socially as they interact with other children their age and gain new skills.
  • We ensure each child’s safety and security by keeping them in their own group, separate from older children in a space designed just for them.

Focus Areas

Because our Mitey Mites program is built around providing the foundations of martial arts for kids in Vallejo, CA, we focus on a few key areas in addition to focus and balance.
Your child will learn how to work both alone and as part of a team to solve challenges and accomplish their goals. This can set them up for success in social situations like school.
Children in our program develop courage and confidence as they advance in their skills and receive positive encouragement from their instructors.
Technique, although a loose concept for young children, will advance throughout the program due to repeated activities and practice.
Our Mitey Mites self-defense program is one of the best ways for your child to learn and grow in Vallejo, CA.

Start Them At An Early Age

Starting martial arts at such an early age can help them progress even faster when they reach our programs designed for older children. If you’re interested in enrolling your 3-5-year-old in our Mitey Mites martial
arts program for kids, call Delgado’s Martial Arts today by calling 707-643-7778!