Teens Karate Class

The Juniors and Teens programs at Delgado’s Martial Arts are fantastic starting points for children and adolescents who are interested in martial arts classes in Vellejo, CA. Beyond learning the basic movements and techniques of martial arts, children enrolled in these programs will develop leadership skills, improve their discipline and have the opportunity to compete against each other.

Juniors: Ages 8 to 13

Whether your child recently graduated from our Dragons program or is enrolling in our martial arts school in Vellejo, CA, for the first time, our Juniors program will be an informative and transformative experience for your 8- to 13-year-old child.

Teens: Ages 14 to 18

Our Teens program is well-suited for the 14- to 18-year-old who’s previously been trained in martial arts, as well as adolescents who need extra discipline and an outlet for stress to assist with behavior and school.

Juniors Benefits

Some Juniors will also have the opportunity to participate in competitions. In classes, we expand on our self-defense techniques, helping children develop more confidence in their abilities and building up to more advanced movements.
Your children’s leadership skills and discipline will also be points of focus in this program. Both of these skills are critical for children to have as they age up in school and encounter new challenges
Our martial arts classes are also great for helping your child expend their energy. Juniors will also begin sparring at a moderate intensity, giving them the opportunity to practice their skills more effectively while gaining and maintaining respect for others.

Teen Benefits

Much like in our Juniors program, Teens will work on their skills in self-defense, enhance their martial arts training with more advanced skills, build stamina and engage in more intense sparring for practice.
Leadership is a particular point of focus for our Teens, so they develop necessary skills before becoming an adult.
Teens enrolled in this program will have the opportunity to compete, generate friendships and build life-long skills.

Learn from Our Highly Trained Instructors

Whether you are interested in learning MMA or Chinese stick fighting in Vellejo, CA, now is the time to enroll in our classes! Call Delgado’s Martial Arts today at 707-643-7778.