Adult Classes in Vallejo, CA

Martial arts training is not only well-suited for children and teenagers! Many adults make karate and other forms of martial arts a staple in their weekly routines because they enjoy the skill-building, teamwork and health and fitness benefits it can offer. Not all schools in Vallejo, CA, offer adult-centered martial arts, but Delgado’s Martial Arts offers multiple!


Adult Karate Classes

At Delgado’s Martial Arts, we strive to make adults of all ages from Vallejo, Crockett, and the San Francisco Bay Area, CA feel welcome in our classrooms. That’s why we offer two different adult classes, so participants can feel comfortable in a group that matches their skill level and age.

  • Classes for 18 to 35-year-olds
    Both men and women love our 18 to 35 age group program because we teach real, valuable skills and encourage everyone to spar and compete at a higher intensity. Not only will this push you to your limits—it will also help you grow and expand your capabilities beyond what you may have thought was possible! This program focuses on practical self-defense skills and higher intensity fitness, including push-ups, sit-ups, running and jump rope for increased strength and stamina.
  • Classes for 36 to 49-year-olds
    Our martial arts program aimed at the 36 to 49 age group does many of the same activities as the 18- to 35-year-old group does, but at a lowered intensity to accommodate for reduced stamina or injury. This program is perfect for those who worry about keeping up with a high-intensity martial arts class but still want to expand their skillset.

Benefits of Adult Karate

Health and fitness
Martial arts incorporate a lot of movement and physical activity that can help you stay in shape.
Stress Relief
Both the movement and mindfulness aspects of karate are ideal for relieving stress.
Beyond being useful, our school in Vallejo, CA, is a lot of fun! Come join our programs to meet new friends and have a good time.

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